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Get more out of the fuel you fill with the experts advice on driving tips that enhance your vehicle's mileage.

Check tyre pressure frequently, low tyre pressure results in poor mileage.

Do not use fuel station without shelter or paved floor. Use reputed fuel stations to get good quality of fuel.

Turn off the engine during the vehicle idle condition, this will reduce fuel consumption.

Do not decelerate suddenly in traffic signals. Frequent braking and acceleration after braking consumes more fuel.

Use clutch only when needed. Resting your foot on the cluth while driving causes overheating and poor fuel economy.

Do not drive your car through water logged roads. Especially when water level is more than half of your tyre height.

Do not start the engine when vehicle is submerged in water.

Do not stop the engine while driving in water logged condition.

Switch off electrical systems (AC, Audio System, etc.)

Depress the brake pedal and the clutch pedal several times after driving through water.

Roll down and roll up the windows, the weather strip at the bottom of the windows will clear the fog.

Have a safe


Monsoon tips are formed for your safety and your vehicle's health protection during unfriendly climatic conditions.

Safety is


Toyota is extremely consious of safety parameters and takes complete care while designing the vehicles, but the ultimate support for safety is in your hands. Follow the safety rules at all times.

Safety starts with buckling your seat belt. Seat belts protect drivers and passengers by securing them to their seats. Always have passengers buckle up too.

SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) Airbags do not replace seat belts, they suppliment them. SRS airbags and seat belts together provide occupants with more effective protection.

Do not sit too close to Steering wheel or dashboard.

Airbags may not deploy in collosions where the forced of the collisions where the forced of the collosion is downward, such as impact with the loading platfrom of a truck.

Maintain correct inflation pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacture or tyre companies.

Get air pressure checked at least once in a fortnite.

Always check the air pressure when tyres are cold(within 2kms of drive). It is normal for tyres to heat up and air pressure to go up as you drive.

Replace defective nalve cores and always use valve caps.

Do not use damaged, badly repaired, retreaded or worn tyres on expressways.

Do not use damaged,dented or cracked rims.

Do not use old or repaired tubes for new tyres.

Do not brake, stop or turn suddenly.

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Tyres play a very prominent role in your vehicle performance, driving comfort and safety of you and your family. Following our experts advice will also help you enhance the life of tyres.

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